Happy 8th Anniversary to Primal & Me!

I have tried many other ways of eating and I have to say that Primal has been the most satisfying and intuitive and successful way of eating for me and my family. I have heard from my clients, "Is it supposed to be this easy?" "I am so happy and satisfied." Now there is for sure a transition and even a grieving period over certain grain-filled, high sugar foods too. I went through that. I even had dreams about eating bread. It takes discipline and choices and time to create new habits, BUT when I realized that there was such delicious trade offs like peaches and cream, well-sourced bacon, and dark chocolate I saw the potential to be very happy living a Primal lifestyle. If you're in the midst of making those new habits, I encourage you to keep going. It's worth it! I see the health benefits in myself and my family. I have three growing boys and I am so grateful for this lifestyle and how it provides them nutrient rich foods that fuel their growing bodies. 

It's been an amazing journey and there is just no going back. I just returned from a 4 mile impromptu hike with a breakfast of my energy fudgeand a cup of tea as my fuel. I truly love this lifestyle and cheer you on as you take steps to make it your lifestyle too. You got this!

Below are some pictures of what I've been eating lately. Yum!