Mindset. It Changes Everything.

I have been learning about mindsets and I believe it's beginning to unlock some things for me personally. I am still on my own health journey. I don't think we ever really "arrive". We may reach a goal and celebrate that and live into that for a while, but then things shift a little or we create a new goal or life throws us for a loop and we need to adjust. 

Yet our brains are like the picture above. We have what is called neural nets or ruts in the road of our brain. It is the thought patterns that our mind has gone along many, many times creating a pathway or neural net. Our mind is like a horse that can run and run and run along this pathway, but Awareness is the rider on that horse and it can direct it to a new path. 

An example in my own life is the mindset: "It's hard for me to lose weight." I believed I was just being realistic. Having the diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis and knowing my genes are predisposed to carry more weight on average, I often say, "It's really hard for me to lose weight." In one sense I think I am owning my own reality that I have some serious factors that make the goal of losing weight a complex goal. Yet, I've recently become aware that as I say this to myself over and over, I am just reaffirming the ruts in the road and it may lead to place of where it always does....very little weight loss or even weight gain. Which to be honest, this past year has been tough for me in this area. Something shifted this year - whether it's hormones or not being as active or what I have gained some weight back. This can not only bring up feelings of shame but it also seems to prove those old ruts right.

But I am becoming AWARE and the rider on this horse wants to change course. So what do I need to do? REFRAME. Instead of saying, "It's so hard," I am now saying, "It is possible for me to lose weight." You'll notice it's not a huge pendulum swing to the other side like - "It's easy for me to lose weight." My mind would not believe it. I would probably trip up and fall. A reframe is a slight shift, but it gets me out of the rut. I KNOW it's possible for me to lose weight. I've done it before. I've maintained the weight loss for years. Telling myself that it is possible to lose weight brings hope rather than resignation. 

So what are some neural nets that your mind is running along? Take some time to become aware and name it, then reframe it. 

It takes 40 days to form a new neural net or another word - habit. I am making a commitment to tell myself - It is possible for me to lose weight - for 40 days. I'm ready for things to shift!

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