You have done the clean eating challenges, but you haven't been able to make lasting change. You know you felt better while doing it, but once you "fell off the wagon" the shame quickly followed and soon you were right back to where you started.

You are tired of the dogma that comes with a certain eating plan. You just want to get back to something simple, yet that works. You don't need shame. You are done with the negative self-talk and want to love yourself back to health. 

You need help integrating the healthy habits into your life so you can see lasting transformation.

I've been there and understand the struggle. There is hope and there is a way through! My mantra is, "Progress, Not Perfection." I'm here to come alongside you and offer the support you need.

Finding Health Through Self-Care

Finding Health Through Self-Care

I'm Mindy Braun -  the Wholehearted Health Coach

I am a Certified Primal Health Coach. I encourage you to use unprocessed, real food and a balanced approach to fitness to help you create a life of maximum vitality.  Using nutrition and fitness, based on scientifically validated ancestral health principles, I will help you transform your habits into a lifestyle marked by strength and joy. I will create a safe place to discuss the self-talk that is not serving you well. I will be your cheerleader and coach along the way. We're in this together.

I live in beautiful Sonoma County with my husband and three boys. When I am not meeting with clients, I am homeschooling, gardening, or out for a hike with my family. I also enjoy an occasional mud obstacle course to keep things fun!

Mindy’s approach to health coaching is so powerful. She has terrific understanding of health, the primal diet, recent related medical studies, AND fitness. But the most impactful aspect of her coaching is her understanding of Brene Brown’s vulnerability, courage and whole-hearted living research. This is Mindy’s heart through and through and it really shows in her coaching style. Mindy supports your goals and your struggles, always with an authentic and loving guidance. There’s no shame involved with Mindy’s coaching. You can be real...and by real I mean imperfect. Our weekly coaching calls kept me on track and also boosted my spirits during the harder moments, set-backs and challenges. Her weekly encouraging emails and texts reminded me of my goals and got me up and moving or eating better for myself. I highly recommend giving her a call and having her be on your health team!
— Susie Miller
I thoroughly enjoyed my 12 week Wholehearted Transformation with Mindy. Although I have previously researched and followed Mark Sisson, with Mindy’s guidance I feel much more committed and knowledgeable about the Primal Blueprint lifestyle. Mindy was very open about sharing her own experiences, easy to talk to, and flexible in working with my schedule. She was very positive and encouraging throughout every step of the 12 week process and allowed me to feel comfortable and supported in sharing my health journey. Her follow up e-mails after our meetings and discussions were prompt and thorough. I would recommend this program and Mindy to anyone looking to learn more about the Primal Blueprint and improve their health, energy level, and overall well being.
— Joanna Holtz
Mindy is an exceptional health coach! I was struggling with weight loss and feeling tired and overwhelmed. She did not only motivate me, but also gave me tools that I can use the rest of my life. I lost weight but gained insight on living a whole hearted, healthy life. I am so glad I decided to invest in myself. I highly recommend her!
— Melissa Stewart
I really appreciate the knowledge I have gained. The primal plan is very doable. You helped make it make sense. I appreciate all the ideas of how to adapt it to my life. Also, the encouragement that I don’t have to do it perfectly.
— Lori Borchers
Mindy has been an outstanding addition to our lives as an advisor. She has helped us start making healthy choices in our diet and provides the support that we need to make those changes which are sometimes difficult. We have lost 20 plus pounds so far. Thank you, thank you, Mindy!
— Susan & Michael Rosenthal
I have read a-lot about Keto, Paleo and other such diets, but Mindy has a real depth of knowledge that exceeds what I had learned. Mindy goes into depth in the important areas and explains things so well. After each of our meeting, she sends me bullet -pointed notes to help me keep focussed on the important concepts. Mindy also refers me to websites that she has reviewed and feels that these will help me. I find Mindy open and receptive to my questions and discusses my thoughts and is interested in what I identify as issues. For example, if my concern is clutter in my pantry, she will show me how to de-clutter by re organizing and tells me what to keep and what to discard. Mindy customizes her program to meet my needs (very important).

Finally, aside from her professional knowledge, Mindy is a really nice person who makes me feel really very comfortable. She also tries to teach how to love oneself. I am almost finished with my program with Mindy. I think that once I have spent time applying what we have gone over, I will probably hire her again to help me continue my knowledge base to stay on program for this lifestyle.
— Chrissy Theran
It helped me focus and learn more about food. I became more aware of labels and what I was eating versus what I should be eating. It gave me confidence in cooking that I never had. Your recommendations have helped me with recipes, exercise info, etc
— Dori Canady