Better Sleep and Bone Broth

Confession: I Don't Like Going to Bed

Maybe it's fear of missing out. Maybe it's because the kids are in bed and I view the night as MY time. Maybe it's because I'm a light sleeper with lots of vivid dreams. It's probably all of these reasons that I avoid going to bed. Yet I am reading more and more how the best diet and exercise program can be undone by lack of sleep and stress. Darn it.

I've done different clean eating challenges...21 Day Sugar Detox, the Whole 30, but did you know there is also the Go to Bed Challenge? That one I have avoided. And yet, I am finding that I understand what the experts are talking about. When I don't get a good night's sleep I crave more snacks the next day. My decision making skills are slower. My stress levels are higher. These all can contribute to veering off my clean eating plan and the stress can cause an insulin release and thus stall my fat burning. So, okay, okay, yes, I need to go to bed. ;)

I recently came across an articleabout bone broth helping with the evening routine for better sleep. The magnesium in bone broth helps you fall asleep. The glycine helps you stay asleep. The act of sipping on something comforting and reading a book instead of on your phone will promote a better night of sleep. It's worth the read.

If you're curious about the the Go to Bed Challenge go here.

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