Time For Reflection

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.  - Søren Kierkegaard

Brené Brown talks about the Reckoning, the Rumble, and the Revolution in her book Rising Strong. We need to know where we are before we can figure out where we need to go. It is good to periodically spend time reflecting on where we are at and where we would like to be and what gets in the way of getting there.

Sometimes it can be painful to be honest with ourselves. Shame and negative self-talk can quickly come in, but we must resist judging ourselves. If we judge ourselves and are ashamed we will want to hide the truth of the situation rather than bringing it to the light to deal with it. I know. I've been there. I had many a battle in my mind when it came to sugar. It felt too painful to let it go, and yet if I was honest, I knew it was not serving me well. I had to get honest with how addicted to it I was. It wasn't until I learned to get honest AND meet myself with compassion and understanding that I began to see changes in my life. Beating myself up did not produce change or resilience. 

Reflecting on where we are can then lead us to the desire of where we want to be. It can help get us in touch with WHY we want the change in our life. Knowing the why will help sustain you when the temptation to go back gets strong. Change is hard and when you remember why you are making those changes, it makes the hard part worth it. You are worth it. Your health is worth it. 

If you'd like a little worksheet to reflect on the questions of why you have the goals you do click here.

Here's to the Reckoning, the Rumble and then the Revolution of your health!