How Does Keto Fit Into A Primal Lifestyle?

Have you heard that even Weight Watchers is concerned because of the success that people are having on the Keto diet? 

The ketogenic diet is a diet that you eat high fat, moderate protein, and very low carbohydrate in comparison to the Standard American Diet which causes the body to burn ketones and fat in addition to glucose for energy.  You are inducing your body to burn fat for fuel rather than sugar. 

In the Primal lifestyle keto is a temporary tool to get your body even more fine tuned to burn fat and create metabolic flexibility.  The Primal lifestyle is already considered low carb. For example, during the goal of weight loss, we keep total carbs between 50g - 100g. This is very effective since the Standard American Diet is typically in the 300g of carbs per day. When you do keto your carbs are 30g or less. That is a significant change!

As a health coach that is looking to build sustainability over the long run, I recommend going primal for at least 21 days before diving deeper into keto. It primes the body, IE mitochondria, to be ready to use the ketones you'll be producing more effectively. 

My own health journey started with primal then keto and now intermittent fasting. I have felt first hand how much harder it is to sustain keto or a fast if I've just come off the holidays of feasting. Our bodies prefer to burn fat for fuel, but if we've been giving it the easy fuel of sugar, it will protest as we switch over. 

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Here's to progress, not perfection! I'm here to help along the way. We're in this together.