How To Better Handle Stress

Stress. We all experience it. We are told to reduce it, but how? Some of us experience stress daily. For some of us it is more about the situation we are in. Some of us have personalities that tend to stress more than others. 

Stress is viewed negatively most of the time. Even though stress is a motivator, it can wreak havoc on our body, mind, and spirit. Stress creates a cortisol response, can throw off our hormones, interrupts our digestion, and disconnects us from our heart and intuition. We know that too much stress, too often is not good for us, yet if you are like me, it's hard to imagine a day free of stress unless I escape on vacation or in some other way. Yet that is not truly dealing with stress, it is just escaping it. 

So it doesn't really come down to eliminating stress but redefining it and using strategies to mitigate it. Things like mindful breathing,a daily meditation practice, decreasing sugar and caffeine, beginning a gratitude practice, learning to say no, returning to the present moment, letting go of perfectionism, and time in nature. 

Now some of those things on that list above is easier than others. You can set a reminder on your phone to stop, notice, and breathe. You can make food choices that reduce sugar and caffeine. But the learning to say no and letting go of perfectionism takes a bit more work. That involves getting to the core of your limiting beliefs about who you are and your worthiness.

This deeper work is definitely related to our health and it is why in my 12-week Wholehearted Launch to Transformation we not only go over nutrition and fitness, but we also talk about lifestyle and the guideposts to wholehearted living. We need to get to the core of our self-talk and change the voices in our head. 

Today, I encourage you to pause and breathe and maybe go for a walk in nature. If you'd like someone to come alongside you in a one-on-one context, I'm here for you. Click on the link above or email me to schedule your free discovery call.

To your health and well-being!