Where Do You Find Your Inspiration?

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Hope is not an emotion; it's a way of thinking.

Don't you just love a good success story? I know I've spent a lot of time in the Success Stories on Mark Sisson's (author of The Primal Blueprint) website. What am I looking for? Hope. I am looking for someone's story that might be close to mine to find encouragement that maybe doing what they did will work for me too. We all need hope. 

Hope is not primarily an emotion. Emotion may play a supporting role, but hope is primarily a way of thinking. It is a combination of setting goals, having the perseverance to pursue those goals, and a belief in your ability to achieve those goals. You need to have the belief that you have the power to change. 

Hope can be learned! When you are in the midst of pursuing your goal, you may hit an obstacle or disappointment. You have the choice to choose hope and cultivate it. Tolerance for disappointment, determination, and a belief in yourself are at the heart of hope. 

So go ahead and read those success stories. Realize your story may be a little different and that's ok. Set those goals. Get determined. Believe in yourself. Choose hope.

I'm here to cheer you on and give you the support and accountability you want.  

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