Little Bites of Nutrition - Week 2

[I worked with a bootcamp class and each week I provided tips and information in the area of nutrition to go along with the exercise we were doing. ]

The White Stuff & Insulin

You have probably heard it before, but sugar is not your friend. This is a very hard break-up so I want to give you some valid reasons to help you take the step of greatly reducing or eliminating sugar from your diet.

1 – Sugar and processed carbs (crackers, cereals, chips) down-regulate your ability to burn fat. “Down-regulate” is a term to describe how gene pathways are de-activated by the environmental signals they receive. With a diet high in sugar and processed carbs, genes down-regulate fat-burning processes and up-regulate most of the enzyme systems and pathways that promote fat-storage.

2 – It’s mostly about insulin. Our bodies release insulin in response to eating sugar/carbs.  Insulin is considered the master hormone. We need it for many healthy functions in our bodies. Yet, too much insulin, too often, leads to fat-storage, chronic inflammation, and even Type 2 diabetes.

3 – You can up-regulate your gene pathways by eliminating sugar and processed carbs to burn off the excess fat. Your cells become less resistant to holding on to the fat and releasing it to burn. If you shift your diet to protein, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats, you open the pathway to burn fat and reduce inflammation.

I acknowledge and personally know how hard it is to say good-bye to the comfort foods that contain sugar and carbs. It is a real, physiological struggle. It’s not just in your head. Our bodies crave them if we continue to give in. It is a vicious cycle. It has helped me to know the science behind the cravings. Please know that you are not alone in this. I have found it very helpful to go through a 21-day sugar detox to help break the cycle. When I have done this, I have discovered renewed energy to fuel my workouts properly and more efficiently. I have also seen results in weight loss and reversing my high blood sugar. It is possible. There is hope and I am here to encourage you along the way!